Diane Abbott’s hypocrisy shows flagrant contempt for supporters after bank and housing contradictions

Diane Abbott has been expounding many respected and popular virtues, but has been flagrantly hypocritical in undermining her very causes.

DIANE ABBOTT May have been befuddled by her economic figures and predictions, but her contradictions need little calculation to reveal the scale of her hypocrisy.

The shadow home secretary has been a perennial supporter of Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn and his nationalised, anti-austerity agenda, yet some of her very actions contradict the causes she passionately defends and advocates.

With increased tax and regulation on the banking sector amongst myriad other faculties in society, a vehement desire of the Labour Party – and Diane Abbott for that matter – certain tweets and voting decisions have exposed brazon hypocrisy and worthy recognition within Hippo Critics.

Whether it be the MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington’s decision to vote against changes to bank levy tax, income tax thresholds or housing; all have juxtaposed the very rhetoric that is espoused on social media sites like Twitter.

After captioning a story by BBC News (below) regarding the state of poverty in the UK according to a charity, you would think that these sentiments would be reflected in the demagogic firebrand’s voting record in the commons?

Screenshot 2017-12-21 at 16.17.12

No, as it happens. If we take the tweet in question looking at poverty, it would be logical to presume that the 64-year-old would support policies designed to increase wealth amongst some of the poorest in society.

Again, this is not the case. On five occasions during the last six years, Abbott has voted against increasing the personal income tax free allowance, despite costs 18% higher for citizens than in 2011. (Source: TheyWorkForYou.com)

Moreover, having endorsed tweets from Jeremy Corbyn and shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, criticising measures regarding taxing banks, yet in 2014 she voted against increasing levies on banks (below).

Screenshot 2017-12-21 at 16.35.09

Such measures were enforced and ensured taxation on banks increased during this period, while the obdurately hypocritical, Abbott, continued to vote against policies that would support the plights’ of people she claims to support.

During 2015, while the budget was being on, Abbott voted against plans to extend the help to buy ISA for first-time buyers, which contradicts the tweet that lambasts the Conservatives for their record on housing (below).

Screenshot 2017-12-21 at 16.44.37

With such contradictions rife in Diane Abbott’s actions versus her rhetoric, the hypocrisy is blatant as she disingenuously offers support for the very causes she has refused to back in Parliament.

Although the Conservatives have also failed in their efforts to provide the volume of houses required and promised, the policy in itself has assisted first-time buyers, while the changes to income tax thresholds has helped keep more people in work than ever before, while maintaining near-record low unemployment.

Hippo Critics has been established to hold anyone of authority, leverage and trust to account, ensuring you have the facts to improve society.


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