Corbyn cannot deliver on claims after Royal Mail hypocrisy

Jeremy Corbyn has delivered a tweet corralling his followers into false and unjust protest, conflicting some of his very arguments which would support the Royal Mail’s actions

JEREMY CORBYN Is certainly not shy from posting a tweet that supports the nationalised agenda, but this example of hypocrisy over the Royal Mail illustrates flaws in his policy delivery.

In a series of tweets beginning on Thursday, 16 November 2017, the Labour leader posted his first tweet bookended by the hashtag, ‘RiseUp’, in protest against the alleged injustices of shareholders profiting from the privatisation of Royal Mail (below).

Screenshot 2017-11-19 at 17.09.15
While arguments over ultimately improving pay for staff and services to those using Royal Mail, the very announcement that £68 million had been paid to shareholders is vindication itself of the decision those individuals made to risk their money in the eponymous company.

Services have had to be cut back, but given the fact that the business itself has facilitated the capacity to reward private investors because of improving productivity and success, ensures that Corbyn’s subversive solicitations are not only inexplicable, but hypocritical when considering other elements of this issue.

Staff at Royal Mail have also benefited from the privatisation of the company, with £4,200 gained through dividends by some members of staff (below), amidst the £68 million payout that was so incongruous with the financial and societal justice implied by Corbyn.
Royal Mail

Thus the entire matter that Corbyn is seeking the insubordination of credulous citizens for is based on the success of a business that is rewarding its staff for too.

The whole basis of his argument is formed on a faux injustice, one that can only be fathomable through a collective reward, distributed to the masses as a result of the labour they have not undertaken; that would be a greater injustice.

In his speech disseminated on Twitter, the leader of the opposition states that millions of pounds have been paid to private investors; without those, the thousands of employees enjoying dividend payments could not have enjoyed the same reward they are enjoying now.

Thus the MP for Islington North is implying that he would wish his followers to rise up against a business that is rewarding its staff and shareholders financially, while providing a service that is being used successfully; hypocrisy at a time when Corbyn has been hypothesising people would be £5,000 worse off through Conservative policy that has facilitated similar gains (below).

Screenshot 2017-11-19 at 17.55.45

Therefore, while the Labour leader seems to support increases in pay within this tweet, he is equally unwilling to recognise the right for private citizens to profit from the fruits of their own labour.

Hippo Critics seeks to inform and encourage all to look at facts rather than rhetoric when commenting on all matters, something Jeremy Corbyn has struggled to do.


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