Arsenal shouldn’t be criticised for a joke tweet at Spurs and the Daily Mail’s expense

High profile journalists including The Times’ Henry Winter have slammed Arsenal after their Twitter account mocked a Daily Mail story in the aftermath of yesterday’s North London Derby.

In the run up to the Gunners 2-0 victory over rivals Tottenham, a reporter from the Mail posted a story claiming no Arsenal players would get into Mauricio Pochettino’s side.

After the game, a tweet in response to that story appeared on Arsenal’s account with a winky face showing a lighthearted side to the pre-game criticism.

But Adam Crafton, who had written the article, claimed he received “anti-Semitic, homophobic abuse & people wishing me dead”.

He responded by saying he’d advise clubs to not repeat what Arsenal have done, which is interesting as he works for a newspaper that constantly prints provocative headlines – far worse than what Arsenal did, which the majority of people can see was a harmless joke.

Yes, some idiots may have resorted to abuse, but no way is that the club’s fault as much as some other mainstream media journalists, such as Henry Winter, may think so.

He actually believes Arsene Wenger’s club to be the cause of the abuse Clayton received. The tweet from the Gunners didn’t provoke hate, it was a simple, lighthearted response. Winter is wrong and it’s pathetic of him to be targeting them, rather than the people who sent the harmful messages.

Thankfully some high-profile names, like Sky Sports pundit and ex-Manchester United legend Gary Neville understood why it is so important Arsenal, or the man/woman behind their Twitter account, aren’t punished for this.

Although, perhaps Neville should remember just last year when he got offended by a joke tweet from a club’s Twitter account…

We should probably start remembering that jokes are allowed in life…even on a crazy place such as social media.


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